CutaWhiskie Creek Outfitters

CutaWhiskie Creek Outfitters

Please take a few moments and browse through our web site to get a look at what we could offer you! We offer a Guide service that's not afraid to share techniques for stand placement, scouting, lures, calls and rattling techniques used to harvest large Whitetail's in this area. Due to recent droughts in the eastern US, we have added several small ponds to provide our herd with extra watering holes. Cutawhiskie Creek never runs dry!! It runs through the entire property!! This will hopefully prevent any deadly diseases to spread through this area.. We offer the largest deer seasons in the United States extending from early September until January 1. Our state's limit is six deer per season, which also includes a limit of two deer per day. This summer we have added more food plots and minerals to ensure the proper antler growth and health of our herd. Summer management food plots are the most important thing for the mass and antler growth of whitetail deer. As you will see in our photo gallery, we also have many feeders for corn and peanuts that work wonderfully. We feed year round!!!!!!

723 Menola Saint John Rd.
Ahoskie, Alabama 27910

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