Broken Arrow Farms

Broken Arrow Farms

Welcome to our new and improved (we hope) website. It has taken some time (and pain) to get things updated but we hope it's worth it. We still have the hunt gallery section to view your pictures and still have basically the same content as before but just in an updated and cleaner fashion. Let us know your thoughts… We have enjoyed some awesome weather for the first 6 weeks of the season…that is until today. 40 mph sustained winds, blinding snow and windchills in the teens. Oh well, that is South Dakota this time of year. The bird numbers have been outstanding. Everyone has commented on how well the crops and cover look this year. Amazing what a little rain can do at the right time. Many have been calling with last minute plans for a trip to see us. Julie has been frantically trying to accommodate everyone's requests. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding when trying to arrange things at a late date. Our calendar eases up once we hit the end of November and into December. We would welcome more hunters for what should be incredible late season hunts. We have tried something new this year with a fan page on facebook. We try to keep it current with "pic of the day" section where we take our favorite picture (s) of the day and post on the site. Check it out under Broken Arrow Farms. We would also like to use it as a dialogue tool for our hunters to comment on our operation and handle requests.

1405 E. Wells
Pierre, Alabama 57501

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