Castle Valley Outdoors

Castle Valley Outdoors

The founder and owner of Castle Valley Outdoors is no stranger to this special place. Glendon Johnson, a Harvard Law School graduate who grew up on the back of a horse in southern Utah and never sold his saddle. A former executive and owner of several national insurance companies, Glendon is really known as an executive cowboy and enjoys sharing his love of the outdoors and hunting with his guests at this beautiful facility.

2120 N Moore State Street
Emery, Alabama 84522

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The rustic yet luxurious accommodations and amenities provide our guests with the comforts they expect in a remote setting. With views of the colorful rock cliffs through oversized picture windows, you can gaze out over a well stocked fishing pond or open fields where you might spot an occasional mule deer or pheasant or turkey in the morning hours as a bald eagle circles above with outstretched wings riding the currents of the wind.

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