Kankakee March Hunting Lodge

Kankakee March Hunting Lodge

Originally owned and developed by the Gumz Family the property has provided excellenthunting for generations. The Gumz Family properties provided such great hunting that in 1982 nearly 800 acres was Purchased by the State of Indiana to add to the Kankakee Fish and Game Preserve. To this day it is referred to as the Gumz unit. This property has been part of private hunting clubs for decades and has always had a substantial waiting list as it does today. In 2010 the Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club was sold by Kevin Gumz to Jeff Dunifon who plans to keep improving the club in the years ahead. Kevin is an avid outdoorsman and hunter since his younger days. Kevin did a remarkable job of creating one of the best hunting clubs in Indiana. Kevin was well suited for the project as he owned an excavation company that designed and built wetlands for

P. O. Box 854
LaPorte, Alabama 46352

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Turkey Hunt at Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club

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