Lady Woods Game Preserve

Lady Woods Game Preserve

Located in Douglas, MA, only 25 miles south of Worcester and 30 miles north of Providence, LadyWoods Game Preserve� encompasses 130 acres of typical New England cover. All birds are reared on the grounds, all are adult and full plumaged. We offer both pheasant and chukar packages. We welcome patrons with their own hunting dogs of any breed or offer use of our pointing dogs to those who may need one for a charge of $50. Our guide will accompany you throughout your hunting experience at no extra charge. LadyWoods Game Preserve� is true hunting as there are no back up guns. You will be challenged as a shooter allowing for an enjoyable hunting experience. When looking for pheasant hunting and chukar hunting in Massachusetts (MA), look to LadyWoods.

27 Quaker Highway
Uxbridge, Massachusetts 01569

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